Bathroom Installation Services

A bathroom is one of the most vital rooms in every home. Besides that, the bathroom is also one of the rooms where a good chunk of your home investment goes into. You need a well-designed bathroom with quality products that will last a lifetime as well as make your bathroom to stand out. For this to happen, you need professional bathroom installers that will make sure your bathroom looks both amazing and worth the investment, you spend on it.

Plumb-Go is the place to go for quality bathroom installations. We will design your bathroom, supply the products from our shop and install everything saving you the hassle of managing the installation project and vetting tradesmen to do the job. Our services from start to finish are both personal and professional. This we owe to a team of experts with a collective 30 years’ experience and in a company, which has been doing this for around 10 years.

Bathroom Installation Services

Our bathroom installation services extends to bathroom upgrade, toilet installations and repairs, shower, sink and bathtub repairs, bathroom door repairs, countertops and tile fixtures and everything else. Nothing is too much for us and whatever it is you need, we will fix it.

We are a fully accredited service provider and a member of LABC, and Safe Contractors Division. Our focus is residential homes in East London, Loughton, Chigwell, Woodford, Epping, Romford, and other neighbouring places. When called upon, we also install bathrooms in commercial buildings.

Bring life into your bathroom today by contacting us. Whether your project is large or small, Plumb-Go will tackle it. Give us a call/ to learn more about all our services and to fill a form indicating what you want. Someone will come to inspect your bathroom and give you a free quote, you want style, get it from us.

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